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The Benefits of Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity is a common health issue increasing at a rapid rate around the world. Obesity is complex and entails aspects such as; psychological, physical, social and biological. Nowadays, when traditional approaches of exercise and dietary restriction failure to achieve meaningful long-term weight loss, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgeries are opted for. The same applies for when the most advanced pharmacological methods are used for weight loss without success. Among the various forms of weight-loss surgery that exist, gastric bypass is so far the most effective. The success rate of gastric bypass can be owed to its low morbidity, safety, low mortality and its exceptional ability of remitting serious obesity -related medical conditions. Gastric bypass surgery is done laparoscopically and is technically a very challenging operation. A small, restrictive gastric pouch is formed during the operation due to separation of the distal stomach from the proximal stomach. The surgery alters how food is digested in the patient and works through restriction and malabsorption. After gastric bypass, patients experience early satiety, consequently making them eat smaller meals which leads to gradual weight loss.

The first and arguably most obvious benefit of this method is that it leads to weight loss in patients which significantly minimizes other health concerns associated with morbid obesity. According to research, gastric bypass surgery helps reduce other issues associated with morbid obesity for instance urinary stress incontinence, sleep apnea, the risk of heart attack, respiratory tract issues, gastro- esophageal reflux disease and heartburn.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is not only reversible and minimally aggressive, it is a purely restrictive intervention. Many people often refer to it as the gold standard operation. Besides the conventional methods, reports suggest that gastric bypass is the most dependable method of achieving substantial long-term weight loss. On average, people can expect a loss of excess body weight averaging between 60% and 70%. Excess body weight usually falls for up to 10 years.

Diabetes mellitus patients often manage it a lot better and need less medication, hence gastric bypass surgery being a plus for them. Dyslipidemia, particularly hypertriglyceridemia and HDL cholesterol are resolved in a very impressive and reliable manner via gastric bypass surgery compared to any other method or medication. After successfully undergoing gastric bypass surgery, over 60% of patients are able to reduce or eliminate their dependency on medication for high blood pressure.

Gastric bypass surgery is very safe to the extent of being a procedure that can reliably be conducted on patients with cardiovascular diseases and older patients. Gastric bypass surgery exhibits excellent results in terms of minimal hospital stay, low post-operative pain, rare occurrence of wound infections and quick return to work and daily living.

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