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Do you need to offer and specify your goods? Then do not try to reach the bombastic offer of the wide masses-if your prices really are not the cheapest and you do not have everything in stock-because in spite of us the visitors will probably not buy anything. Try to place yourself in your typical customer. From experience, you should be able to estimate which of your services or benefits are most important to him-why he decided to buy from you, and not elsewhere, and to make his advertising free of charge accordingly.
If you believe that in some aspects you are unable to overcome the competition, focus on other aspects. Look for your strong spots, and you should shut it down in your advert. In this way, our advertisers are doing their free advertising and are successful.
Differentiate yourself from the competition!
Try to follow all the principles described above and free ads will be unbeatably the best on our website and will bring you good profits.

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