PR Articles

PR articles contain links and keywords. You need to choose your keywords well. Think about what words are important to the search engine and what the readers will be. And then somehow it slips together, because the articles we write both for the reader and in order to increase the position in the search engines.
PR articles should take the reader from scratch. They shouldn't be too comprehensive, but concise, have a grade, and offer something new. The goal is to arouse interest, so that the pages are visited as much by new readers and clients, and to increase the ranking of the search.
Brepleness and Simplicity
The basis for PR articles is breterness and simplicity. The goal is to quickly arouse interest in the site and the product, not bored. The Text on the site is represented by the merchant, it is a form of advertising, but it should not be an unpleasant and imposing advertisement.

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